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Christian Lorenz

Christian ''Flake'' Lorenz (born 16 November 1966), is the keyboardist from Rammstein. Christian Lorenz commonly goes by the nicknames "Flake" (pronounced as "Flak-eh") and "Doktor". "Doktor" came about because at one point he wanted to be a surgeon, but he was unable to study to become one because of his refusal to join the East German military. In an interview he stated "Flake" is his proper name.

Flake was brought up and still lives in the former Prenzlauer Berg area in Berlin (now a part of Pankow). Flake is known to be an educated pianist. Flake says he chose to play the piano because a childhood friend of his played from the age of three. His parents sent him to a music school. Flake "began by painting the keys on a window ledge" and "practiced one-half year on the window ledge". His parents bought him a piano for one hundred East German marks for his 15th birthday. Flake became "addicted" to rock and roll as a boy. He stopped his lessons in order to play with his father's jazz records. At the age of sixteen, he apprenticed as a toolmaker, an apparently short-lived career.

In 1983, at age sixteen, he began to play in the band Feeling B with Paul Landers and Aljoscha Rompe. He stayed with the band for about ten years. Feeling B started out firmly grounded in the underground punk scene. Over time, Feeling B's popularity grew greatly and at the end of the German Democratic Republic, it was one of the most respected and influential Eastern German bands despite their underground status. Flake lived in an apartment with Paul during their early years. When they weren't playing gigs, Landers and Flake would sell jackets made from cut-up bed sheets and dusters on the black market. The group disbanded in the mid-1990s. On special occasions, the band members would get together for individual concerts at punk festivals, until Rompe died in November 2000 of an asthma attack.

Flake has been divorced once and has three children. On 12 September 2008 Flake remarried with Jenny Rosemeyer, a German artist, who provided the whistling for Rammstein's song "Roter Sand". He has a brother who is four years older. Flake is an amateur painter and likes classic cars.