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Richard Zven Kruspe (born 24 June 1967) is the lead guitarist of Rammstein, as well as the frontman of Emigrate. At the age of sixteen, Richard and some friends visited Czechoslovakia, where he bought a guitar. He had originally planned to sell it, because they were very expensive and thought he could make a nice profit. However, once he returned to East Germany, a girl at a campground he was staying at asked him to play. He told her that he couldn’t play, but she kept insisting, and Kruspe got mad and started strumming the strings. “The harder I played,” Richard said, “the more excited she got. Something clicked in my head and I realized girls like guys who play guitars.” This got him interested in playing the guitar, and as a result, he began playing every day and night for the next two years. Rammstein was formed back in 1994 when Richard, who lived with Oliver and Schneider at the time, was looking for a new band in which to create a new style of music. He had left his first band, 'Orgasm Death Gimmick' in search of new band mates.

On 10 October 1989, before the fall of the Berlin Wall, he was riding through the subway. When he came above ground, he found himself in the middle of a political demonstration. He was hit on the head and arrested just for being there, and thrown in jail for six days. Once out of jail, he decided to leave East Germany. Because of the  Eastern Bloc, he entered West Germany through Hungary. When the Berlin Wall came down, he moved back east of Berlin. 

Richard has three children (a daughter in 1991, a son in 1992 and Richard his second daughter in 2011).


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