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Liebe ist für alle da (2009)

''Liebe ist für alle da'' is the sixth studio album of Rammstein, which was released in most of Europe on 16 October 2009. 

The album was added to the index of the Bundesprüfstelle für jugendgefährdende Medien (Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons) in Germany, due to the track ''Ich tu dir weh'' and a picture inside the album booklet displaying Richard Kruspe spanking a nude woman. This meant that only adults could purchase the album; additionally, it must not be displayed in stores where minors have access to. As a consequence, the album was re-released in Germany on 16 November in an edited version without the censored track and picture. The band still played the instrumental version song live in Germany until it was ultimately banned from live performances.

At 31 May 2010, the administrative court in Cologne has decided to waive the suspensive effect of censorship (case 22 L 1899/09). The German department deleted the record from the censorship lists on 1 June (Decision No. A 117/10). On 9 June the band announced in their official website that the original version of the album was already available at their shop and that a release of the single "Ich tu dir weh" in Germany was planned in a short period of time.

All songs are written and composed by Rammstein.

No. Title Length
 1. "Rammlied"   5:20
 2. ''Ich tu dir Weh''  5:02
 3. "Waidmanns Heil"  3:33
 4. ''Haifisch''  3:45
 5. "B********" (Bückstabü, a made up word which means "Whatever You Want")  4:15
 6. "Frühling in Paris"   4:45
 7. "Wiener Blut''  3:53
 8. ''Pussy''  4:00
 9. "Liebe ist für alle da"   3:26
 10. ''Mehr"   4:09
 11. "Roter Sand"  3:59


A limited edition deluxe box set, released on 21 December 2009, features the Special Edition album (either censored or uncensored), handcuffs, lubricant and six dildos, all within an aluminium flight case.

Special edition bonus tracks:

No. Title Length
 1. "Führe mich"  4:34
 2.  "Donaukinder"   5:18
 3.  "Halt"   4:20
 4.  "Roter Sand (Orchester Version)''  4:06
 5.  "Liese"  3:56


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