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Du hast (1997)

Du hast was released on 19 July 1997 as the second single from their second album Sehnsucht (1997). It was directed by Jacob Hellner. The English version of the song also does not actually have a proper title, most likely because of the language issues. It is usually listed as "Du hast (English version)"There are two versions of the song: the original version completely in German, and a second version partially in English (found on special editions of the Sehnsucht album). In the second version, the first chorus and the verses are in English and the last chorus is in German. The lyrics to the English version are not a direct translation from the German due to the use of a homophone between the German verbs haben (to have), and, hassen (to hate), in the original song. Due to the translational impossibility of retaining the homophone in English, the English version was changed from Du hast, meaning "you have," to Du hasst, meaning "you hate."

The first known performance of the song dates from 15 May 1997 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.Over the years, several stunts have been used during the live performances of "Du Hast", ranging from the dildo used in ''Bück dich'', to the bow used in ''Du riechst so gut''. In their Reise, Reise and Liebe ist für alle da tour, flames shoot several feet into the air and Till Lindemann fired with a different bow into the air, "starting" a chain reaction that fired rockets over the audience. Being a fan favourite, it has been played in almost every concert to date since its initial performance. When performed live, the intro is always a bit longer than in the studio version.

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