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Du riechst so gut (1998)

''Du riecht so gut'' is the first single of Rammstein that was released on their first album Herzeleid. It was released on August 24, 1995/ The producers were Jacob Hellner and Carl-Michael Herlöfsson. The title is said to be inspired by Patrick Süskind's book Das Parfum, a favourite novel of Till Lindemann. 

The video opens with a Doberman Pinscher walking across the screen, with repeated cuts throughout of the dog looking curiously at the camera along with flowers showin in the Herzeleid album cover and this single. Till Lindemann is portrayed in simple close-up shots, sternly singing the lyrics and at one point sporting a menacing pair of goggles. The goggles known as "Schlitzbrille" were shown again in the music video for Ohne dich.

The song was first performed during the very first Rammstein show, on April 14, 1994 in Leipzig, Germany. It was used as the last song of the show during many of the Herzeleid tour concerts. During live concerts in the Sehnsucht tour, Till usually simulated firing rockets over the audience with a bow (actually propelled sitting on a string) and then the bow started to propel sparks in all directions as Till rotated it. During some concerts, he used it during different songs, like ''Laichzeit'' at the Bizarre Festival in 1997, or ''Du hast'' during the Family Values tour in 1998. Guitarists Paul and Richard would conduct the audience during the extended solo. The song wasn't played at all during the whole 2001-2002 Mutter tour, but it returned to the setlists on their Reise Reis tour. This time, Richard and Paul wore jackets that shot flames/sparks from one of their sleeves, running from the shoulder down to their forearms; one would stand facing away from the audience, the other would stand facing the audience, and then the pyrotechnics would be activated simultaneously while the two performed the tapping hammer on solo. After being dropped for the Liebe Ist Für Alle Da tour in 2009, the song returned to the setlist on the 2010 part of the tour, and the song was occasionally performed with the pyrotechnic jackets, however this time it was done with both guitarists facing the audience.