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Engel (1997)

The video for for Engel appears  to give a nod to one of the scenes in the movie 'From dusk till dawn'. While Lindemann, Schneider and Flake are in the audience in the video, Paul can be seen taking Schneider's place by playing the drums and Kruspe and Riedel are seen singing.The female part of the chorus of the song is sung by Christiane ''Bobolina'' Hebold of the German pop band Bobo in White Wooden Houses. During the Sehnsucht tour, it was used as the last song of the main set in non-festival concerts. In the first months of the Mutter tour, Engel appeared in the setlists sporadically, but became a regular again in November, and continued as the last song of the main set until the end of the tour. When performed on stage, flames shoot into the air, and Schneider's drumsticks would shoot sparks. On the 'Live aus Berlin' shows, Bobolina joins Rammstein to sing her parts from inside a flaming cage, instead of the usual pre-recorded chorus used in most of the shows. After missing the entire Reise, Reise tour; Engel returned to the setlists as the closing song of the Liebe Ist Für Alle Da tour, taking place during 2009 and 2011. This time around, vocalist Till Lindemann sang the chorus instead of Bobo's pre-recorded lines. For the pyrotechnics, Lindemann wears a set angel wings that shoot flames from the tips and that have sparks go off along them. Engel was the penultimate song on the setlist during the Made in Germany tour.


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