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Feuer Frei! (2003)

"Feuer frei!" was released as the fifth single from their third album Mutter. The title is from the command to start shooting in German military language, can be compared to "fire at will", or "open fire" (literally, "fire freely!").

"Feuer Frei!" debuted live in a concert exclusively for members of the fan area in April 2000. Its next performance wasn't until May 2001 and since then, it has been played in almost every Rammstein concert. During live performances of this song Richard, Paul, Till and sometimes Ollie will wear masks with flamethrowers attached that shoot flames several feet into the air.

Feuer frei!" is one of the band's most known songs, and is credited as their most popular single. Despite this, it does not feature on the band's greatest hits collection Made in Germany 1995–2011, for reasons that have not been explained. The song is featured in the film xXx.The music video was directed by Rob Cohen who also directed the movie xXx.The video for "Feuer frei!" was released in America on MTV, to promote the film. The music video consisted of the band playing on a fiery stage, with several clips from the film. In the film xXx, Rammstein is featured playing the song in a club in Prague in the film's opening.